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Michael’s journey as an artist began with a career in graphics design. Photography and music were important hobbies throughout this time, but a health crisis produced an inevitable epiphany, and he decided to devote himself to working fulltime as an artist. When hearing loss and tinnitus ended musical interests, he turned with greater enthusiasm to photography and painting, eventually devoting his attention to a career as a full-time artist.

As a photographer, Michael works to find the bridge between painting and photography, searching for photographs with rich color, softness, and warmth that have a fantasy appeal. His photographs make powerful use of natural light sources to provide a radiant and film-like quality. An advocate of 'no flash' philosophy, he has also developed a distinct style of night photography that produces rich and radiant night images that have depth as well as abstract qualities. Amongst his many favorites subjects are nature scenes and landscapes, water, hiking trails, plants, wildlife, and the national parks.

Michael also works with oils and charcoal. Working with the indirect painting method, he strives to produce paintings in a realist style while maintaining subtle impressionistic touches. Favorite subjects are animals, forested landscapes, rivers, and still life. The paintings are intended to have a healing and peaceful quality. With charcoal, the focus is on portraits and caricatures. Michael also has a gift for capturing the unique personalities of the animal friends in our lives and offers pet portrait services, both as a photographer and as a painter.

Michael's work has been featured at the Fine Arts League of the Carolinas, at Roots Cafe in the River Arts District in Asheville, NC, and in the Laurel of Asheville magazine.



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